Representatives of the Macedonian national team of PRO-METROFOOD (H2020 INFRADEV-02-2016), MSc. Anita Najdenkoska (National Team Leader) and Dr. Sc. Zorica Arsova-Sarafinovska, took part in the 3rd meeting for project progress, which was held in Thessaloniki on 30.09. and 01.10. 2017 , ahead of the third international conference of the International Confederation of Measurement – IMEKO.

The participants discussed the progress of the PRO-METROFOOD project for the submitted application of the new METROFOOD project for the new European Science Strategy Card (ESFRI 2018), as well as the upcoming activities for successfully completing the current PRO-METROFOOD project. The Macedonian national team participated in all working packages. At the meeting, it was pointed out that the Macedonian PRO-METROFOOD team provided support to the project by three ministries: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry of Agriculture, as well as letters of support from institutions and organizations involved in the process quality assurance and food safety (AHV, Consumer Organization of the Republic of Macedonia, Food Processors Association, Regional Health Care Centers, the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia, faculties and research centers in the Republic of Macedonia).

Within the project, Ms. Anita Najdenkoska and Dr. Maja Dimitrovska introduced a new analytical method for the determination of fatty acids in various types of gas chromatography. For this type of analysis in the last few years in the PHI-IPH there have been numerous requests from clients.

The Macedonian national team actively participated at the IMEKO Conference, which was held in the period from 01.10.-04.10.2017. organized by the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki and the Technical Committee 23 (Metrology in Food and Nutrition) at the International Confederation of Measurement – IMEKO. This year, the conference was dedicated to the topic – harmonization and standardization of metrology in the agro sector.

M.Sc. Anita Najdenkoska had her oral presentation at the conference entitled “Optimization of HPLC Methods for Simultaneous Analysis of Food Colors”, and the Laboratory for Food Quality Control presented with its own poster presentation titled “Activities in tests of competence; experience of the Food Quality Control Laboratory “.