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Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia hereby invites representatives of the media to cover the 31st of May, at a press conference, which will be held on the occasion of World Day Against Tobacco Use.

This year, the World Day against the use of tobacco is dedicated to the need of standardization the packaging of cigarettes and adoption of appropriate legislation. The motto is ” Get ready for plain packaging.”

The press conference will be held on 30.05.2016, starting at 11 am at the Institute of Public Health (Hall on the 3rd floor).

Representatives of the Ministry of health, Institute for Public Health and Centre of Public Health in Bitola, will inform about the activities, to mark World Day against the tobacco use, but also will presente statistics on the prevalence of smoking and impact of advertising, layout of packaging of tobacco products and sponsorship on young people in Macedonia. The data is obtained from the study of behavior of young people’s health 2014/2015, ESPAD study on the use of psychoactive substances by children 16 years of age, conducted in 2015 ect.

With respect,

 Institute of Public Health