Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology (The Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training – MediPIET) was established to increase health security in the Mediterranean region by strengthening the capacity for prevention and control of communicable diseases. The main goal of this program is establishment of a network of experts in the field of epidemiology, which each will share experiences and best practices for mobilization in case of cross-border epidemics.

Within a project MediPIET on April 20, 2015 in Paris was held a meeting of the Forum of training centers (Training Center Forum-TCF).

The meeting was attended by 36 representatives from 17 countries of the Mediterranean region, the Black Sea, ECDC (European center for Desease and Control) and the team of MediPIET (Public Health Institute Carlos III and FIIAPP-Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas). The meeting led ass.dr. Shaban Memeti, Focal Point of MediPIET for the Republic of Macedonia and president of TCF, elected by anonymous voting at the first meeting of the TCF organized in Hamamet, in September 2014.

Dr. Shaban Memeti  welcomed all participants and also explain the necessity of this tête – a-tête meeting after several unsuccessful attempts for its realization by teleconference. Dr. Shaban Memeti emphasized that representatives of each of the beneficiary countries (the Mediterranean and the Black Sea) have a very important role for the success and sustainability of this project.

Dr. Memeti started the meeting with a brief set of all activities of the TCF from the first meeting in Tunis in September 2014. The meeting continued with a discussion on setting goals of the project for 2015 to MediPIET first conference to be held in Skopje in November 2015 .

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To achieve the goals, there are compiled 3 working groups, 2thematic groups  and 1 operating group. For each group, it was marked a leader and a reporter who will have to draw up an action plan for the frequency of their meetings.

Since the preparatory phase of this program is realized under the leadership of ECDC, Dr. Shaban Memeti made a proposal that beside the observers, it should have to be added representatives from ECDC to the implementation phase.

This proposal was received positively by representatives of the ECDC on this meeting.

MediPIET is highly appreciated by the countries of the Mediterranean region and the countries of the Black Sea and the meeting was rated as very successful.

More information for MediPIET you can read on the website of

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