Closer to ECDC – IPA3 cooperation with ECDC in future

Delegation consisted of Ass. Dr. Shaban Memeti, Director of IPH, Prim. Dr. Blagoja Aleksoski, an epidemiologist from the Control and surveillance of communicable diseases, and Prof. Milena Petrovska, National Focal Point for Microbiology, ECDC Macedonia, participated in Stockholm, Sweden from 23 to 24 October 2014, a coordination meeting with ECDC coordinators of the countries candidates for EU membership (the candidate countries for expansion).

The expert meeting was attended by all countries candidates, with about 20 participants. Our delegation participated in the working group related to: Reflective countries and perception of values, challenges for the future maintenance of the observation function of ECDC NMFP Forum (Reflection from countries on perceived value, challenges and future maintaining observer function to ECDC NMFP forum).

This meeting is a continuation of the activities of the ECDC and it is a regular working meeting between representatives of the ECDC and national officials, responsible for cooperation with ECDC, according to the current ECDC IPA3 part of the project for implementation and cooperation.

The purpose of the meeting was to review recent results related to activities undertaken by the countries candidates. The outcome of this two-day meeting was to agree for future technical cooperation between ECDC and the candidates, based on the past activities, identifying gaps and needs in the technical field of control and surveillance of communicable diseases in the region.

The Key messages of the meeting were to review the guidelines for further cooperation between ECDC and the candidate countries;

Reviewing achievements and evaluation of close cooperation with controllers of ECDC national microbiological contact persons;

Willingness to deal with viral hemorrhagic fever, which reflects the new EU legislation (Decision no. 1082/2013 / EU).

Inclusion of the candidates in the following activities of ECDC.