After the received announcement from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning on 4.12.2018, in which, according to the data from the State Automatic Monitoring System for ambient air quality, it is informed about the exceeding of the information threshold for PM10 particles (exceeding 100 μg / m3 over two consecutive days defined by the Decree [1]), the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Health give the following recommendations:

To limit the movement and activities of the open-air area of ​​the most vulnerable population (children, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases of the lung and cardiovascular system, with a special risk for the patients with pulmonary asthma), but also for the persons who perform their professional engagement on an open space in the polluted zones of the city.

In addition, it is recommended to take vitamins (antioxidants), mainly through diet (fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits), as needed, and supplements.

Chronically ill persons regularly to take the prescribed therapy from the family doctors and adhere to the recommended dietary regime, with reduced intake of fatty and salty foods.


Exceeding the threshold of information is noticed at the measuring points in Skopje (Butel, Center, Karpos and Rektorat), Miladinovci, Kicevo, Kumanovo, Strumica, Bitola 1, Tetovo and Kavadarci.


We appeal to the citizens to apply and support the recommendations of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning adopted in coordination with the Intersectoral Working Group on Air in which the representatives of the Health Sector are also members in case of overcoming the threshold of information for RM10, ie:

To use public transport

Vehicles should not be used without any need

More people to ride with one vehicle at the same time

Not to be used for heating of burnt-out waste oil, lacquered or colored wood and furniture, styrofoam, PET packaging, rubber pieces and any synthetic material

Proper use of wood stoves.



Each of us as an individual is part of the problem, but also a key part of the solution.


With respect,


Institute of Public Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Health


[1] Decree amending the Regulation on limit values ​​for levels and types of pollutants in ambient air and alert thresholds, deadlines for achieving limit values, margin of tolerance for limit value, target values ​​and long-term objectives (Fig. Journal of the Republic of Macedonia No. 183/17)