The activities of the Department for monitoring and surveillance of communicable diseases within the Department for control and prevention of infectious diseases at the IPH RNM аre going through:

monitoring and control of communicable diseases in North Macedonia by collecting, analyzing and processing of individual applications for infectious diseases, microbiology applications proven causes of infectious diseases, group (weekly) reports for flu, as well as numerous information, announcements and other information about development of communicable diseases, received by the regional Centers for Public Health and their regional offices and other health care facilities;

proposing, taking control over the implementation of measures for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases;

participation in epidemiological researches in the republic and provision of methodological assistance;

preparation of weekly, monthly, annual reports on the movement/development of communicable diseases in the country, with epidemiological comments;

monitoring and control of the implementation of compulsory immunization in the country (according to the Calendar of vaccination), through regular reports and controls, where expert methodological assistance (indicating the mistakes and proposing measures for their removal)is provided;

Preparing periodic information and annual report on the implementation of compulsory immunization in North Macedonia with proposed measures to improve the coverage;

monitoring the situation of brucellosis in the Republic and coordinated activities for control, in cooperation with the Food and Veterinary Agency, as zoonosis subject to specific programmatic and regulatory measures for prevention activities;

preparing the draft annual program (public health, brucellosis and immunization), and submission to the Ministry of Health;

preparation of annual reports on the exercise of the said preventive programs, and annual reports of the realized work of the department.


weekly reports,

monthly newsletters,

current information and reports,

periodic information

annual reports, annual information and analysis on the trends of infectious diseases in the Republic of North Macedonia

annual reports on the implementation of mandatory immunization;

  Professional team:

Head of the Department of communicable Diseases:

Prim. Dr. Gordana Kuzmanovska – specialist epidemiologist

Dr. Vladimir Mikic – researcher

Zhivadinka Cvetanovska – Spec. medical lab analyst

Radica Stoleska Ilioski – Spec. medical lab analyst

Fatmir Sinani – Spec. for public health

Mirvete Ismail – Medical Technician