In Zagreb on 30th March 2016 are established the foundations of the Network of Southeast Europe for safety and control of food quality (South East European Network for food safety and quality Control – SEEN-FSQC), association founded on the initiative of the Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Shtampar” from Zagreb. Institut of Public Health of RM is a founding member of the Network, was represented by Assistant Director. Dr. Shaban Memeti and Assoc. Dr. Gordana Ristovska who attended the founding meeting. The network aims to protect and promote health of citizens and to improve economy of the region through standardization and control of safety and quality of food through strengthened process control, supervision, testing and general quality management of food.

South East European Network for food safety and quality Control is international association which includes Institutes of Public Health in the region, Centres for public health, scientific and educational institutions (Training Faculty and research centers), public and private laboratories. All institutions, depending on the area of ​​its operation, will continuously work on consumer’s protection, control of all aspects of food security, support for standardization of production, transportation and sales, encouraging manufacturers to use professional help for harmonization of standards safety and quality of food. The founders of the network are leading institutions from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo in the field of public health, and in the future is expected to be joined by relevant institutions from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Hungary and Albania. The official declaration of the establishment of the Network attended the special envoy of the President of Croatia, prof. dr. Mate Granic, and the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic. In addition to protecting health of citizens and ensuring standards for safety and quality of food in the countries of Southeast Europe, which is the primary impetus for the establishment of a network, this initiative will also help manufacturers and retailers with food to be more competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.


The Mark “Controlled quality food” will be the first project of the Network for quality control and food security in Southeast Europe. “Controlled quality” would ensure safe and quality food products and thus provide additional security for consumers, but for food carriers. This project is successfully implemented by PHI “Dr. Andrija Štampar” in Croatia, but will now begin to apply in other countries in the region. “Controlled Quality” is award based on a comprehensive analysis of the quality and safety review of the documentation and control of production, transportation and distribution. The service is aimed primarily at businesses in the food industry, producers of traditional and other food products and entities in the food business, including wholesalers that sell their own brands. This project is due to current needs of the market and consumers, and trends in the distribution of food that occur globally.