IJZRM – training center for professionals interventional epidemiology

Macedonian delegation led by the head of the Institute of Public Health, Acc. etc.. Shaban Mehmeti as National Contact Point, attended the meeting MediPIET (Mediterranean program for intervention epidemiology) in Tunisia.

Macedonia, through the Institute of Public Health (IPH RM) is an active member in MediPIET project supported by the European Union, a science under the guidance of the ECDC (European Centre for Prevention and Control of Disease) and the Spanish Institute of Health Carlos III, which includes more than 25 countries of the Mediterranean and of the countries of the Black Sea region.

As a result of work on the development of scientific papers and guides MediPIET, IPH as an active member of the project from 2012, was selected as one of four pilot MediPIET. Training center for professionals in the field of interventional epidemiology.

MediPIET purpose of creating professional staff of physicians specializing in interventional epidemiology through a two-year training program, and training courses for continuing education of physicians and epidemiologists.

The sostnokot in Tunisia, Director of IPH Acc. Dr.. Shaban Mehmeti’s presenters achievements of IPH regarding MediPIET.

The emergence of new infectious diseases and diseases that are repeated (Ebola, MersCoV, WNV, malaria, etc …) whose control is needed cross-border cooperation, coordinated response and appropriate professional staff has exaggerated and emphasized the necessity of MediPIET (Mediterranean program for interventional Epidemiology), said Mehmeti as chairman of the Training Center Forum MediPIET in Tunisia.