The expert team of the Institute of Public Health on request from a broadcast 360 degrees, on Alsat television,  in the interest of public health made an exception and participated in the video: “The dirty little secrets of our hands”.

The samples were taken from the surfaces that are used every day “: keyboard, cell phone, remote control, door handle, fragile – and they are examined in accredited laboratories.

According to the results of the tested samples, thanks to the collaboration between the medium and the Institute of Public Health, the video has been documented here.

The message is that hand hygiene is the key to prevention.


Source: 360 °, Alsat TV 14/03/2017,
Spec. D-r. Dugagjin Osmani, microbiologist, Institute of Public Health
Spec. D-r. Biljana Kakaraskoska, microbiologist, Master in Public Health,  Institute of Public Health
Mare Kalachoska, laboratory technician, Institute of Public Health