• 03/01/2017

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia will mark World Water Day 2017,  on the 22 March. This year’s main event is the Fair, which will be  held in front of the Macedonian Army Dome where you can get information on the quality of the domestic packed bottled water. The Water Fair is open to all manufacturers of bottled water that would like to participate.

On the stand of the Institute, you will get information about the safe water, water quality, where and how it is tested for safety, recommendations and advices on the health importance of water, in general.

The common aim is to convey the this year’s message, which refers to the wastewater, through the campaign “Why waste water?”, to raise the awareness among people to reduce pollution, and significantly to increase the options for treatment of polluted waters on globally level.

One of the many activities planned for World Water Day is also, a survey set here (http://iph.mk/anketa/), which so far was answered by 200 visitors.

To achieve the purpose of the survey, and thereby to provide more useful information to all target groups, we expect more of your responses. Your answers are in the interest of public health.

The more you respond, the more information you get.