Department of Environmental Health at the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia:

Coordinates, directs and controls the professional work of the sanitary-hygienic activity in 10 public health centers in the country;
Holder is the preparation and implementation of strategic documents and action plans in the field of environmental health, food safety and nutrition
Coordinates activities for developing national regulations and adapt to international regulations concerning environmental health
Prepares doctrinal positions methodological approach and method of evaluation of measures and activities conducted in sanitary-hygienic activity;
Based on research conducted and data obtained from the Centers for Public Health, monitor and evaluate the environmental health risks of certain factors in the environment;
Identify priority issues and potential risk to the health conditions at a national level and inform the Ministry of Health.
Divisions in the department are:

Department of Health food safety
Department water safety and sanitation of the environment
Department Physiology and Nutrition Monitoring
Department of Codex Alimentarius and informative body of the WTO-SPS
Department of Health general toxicology
Department of Occupational Medicine and assessment of health risks
Division of sanitary inspections