Director of the State Statistics Office Mr. Apostol Simovski and the director of the Institute for Public Health Assoc. dr. Shaban Memeti, on 12.07. 2019 signed a joint agreement for the provision and submission of data for the implementation of static surveys envisaged by law and by-laws and legislation. This agreement is of great importance for health statistics, especially in the field of researching individual health records for certain diseases for which national registries are conducted. Establishing cooperation between the two Institutions of this domain is essential for improving the quality of medical records.


Receiving and exchanging medical information for patients is vital for good quality and effective care (especially for patients with pre-existing chronic conditions) in the interest of patients, the health system and creating health efficient and effective policies in North Macedonia. The portability and interoperability of health information are current issues around the world for a better coordinated health system. A common opportunity for interoperability at the national level is a key factor for combining vertical and horizontal cooperation between all institutions in the domain of health and other data needs for further statistical research in the interest of the state.