In the period from 05-10.10.2019  1 new cases of measles isreported, In total, since the onset of the epidemic in December 2018 as of September 27, 2019, 1900 cases of measles have been registered in the Republic of North Macedonia with a disease rate of 91.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. The case is imported, stayed abroad during incubation and belongs to the age group of 20-29.

Due to the epidemiological criteria, a measles epidemic is ongoing on the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

According to the place of permanent living, measles cases are registered in 24 towns, with the highest number of cases in Skopje  n=997, and the highest incidence in Struga (165.1/100 000 ).

The largest number of cases are from the age group over 30 years -852 (44.9%), and the highest incidence is registered in children under the age of 1 year, 1399,1 per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the vaccine status, 1529 or 80.5% of diseased people are unvaccinated, incompletely vaccinated or with unknown vaccine status.

According to the results obtained from the samples sent to Luxembourg’s reference measles laboratory, the B3 Dublin genotype circulates in the country, which circulating also in the neighboring countries.

A total of 216 children (preschool and school age) were vaccinated in the 40th week in the country. The total number of immunized people aged 14 years with MRP vaccine since the start of the epidemic in the republic is 39443.

From the beginning of the epidemic to present date, in the Centers for Public Health, a total of 6275 people have been vaccinated, of which more than 60% are health workers, students and pupils in secondary medical schools, the rest are persons over 14 years of age.