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INHERIT: Improving health and environment through changes in lifestyles

Project for cross-sector research for innovations in health and environment – INHERIT, explores health and environmental implications of our living habits, movement and consuming.

INHERIT is a 4-year research project involving 18 partners and institutions,  which joins experts in health, environment and technology sectors.

The project will focus on factors that include housing, building, travel, food, nutrition and eating habits. It will identify promising practices, test and evaluate activities and models of good practice, it will rate their profitability and support decision makers in their efforts to strengthen the well-being and environmental sustainability.

Current lifestyles and models of economic growth are harmful to the environment and to our health. For example, obesity is a growing problem in the EU, and reports indicate also that a large proportion of lives are lost due to exposure to outdoor air pollution.

INHERIT investigates how to ensure environmental sustainability, to contribute to health’s improvement, equality of access to health services and well being. It defines how we can modify our lifestyles to preserve our health and environment.

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia, led by the research team of Prof. Dr. Dragan Gjorgjev as the only institution outside the EU Member States, is a part of a consortium of outstanding research institutions and other organizations involved in this project. The research team will participate in the implementation of tasks foreseen in the project plan.

INHERIT is funded by the EU research program “Horizon 2020″ by the grant number of 667,364. the project activities were formally launched in January 2016 and will have a duration until December 2019. More about the project