*** Professional Competency for ionizing radiation with international verification ***


  • World Network of dosimetric laboratories of the International Atomic Energy Agency / World Health Organization
  • European Group of dosimetric  laboratories – EURADOS
  • European network for continuous monitoring of radiation in the air – EURDEP
  • Network radiometric laboratories of International Atomic Energy Agency – ALMERA

Realisation of activities and programs in the field of radiation safety:

  • Automated monitoring of the dose of ionizing radiation in the air;
  • Monitoring the content of radioactive elements in the environment in the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Personal Dosimetry of persons working at ionizing radiation;
  • Assessment of the risk of radiation exposure in workplaces with sources of ionizing radiation;
  • Calibration of instruments for detection of ionizing radiation in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • Quality control of the x-ray machines in medical diagnostics
  • Assessment of the level of radiation exposure of the population;
  • Training for Radiation Protection and Security
  • Dosimetric measurements on border crossings as a measure to prevent the proliferation of nuclear and radioactive materials in the Republic of North Macedonia
 More information on methods of detection on the following link
More information about the calibration capabilities on the following link


International cooperation

  •  Implementation, coordination and participation of experts in the projects of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, IAEA, Vienna.
  • Cooperation with the Research Centre of the European Commission, JRC Center, Ispra, Italy
  • Membership in the expert group of NATO, Brussels.


Accredited by the Accreditation Institute of RM implemented quality system – ISO 17025

Measurements and traceability according to ISOIEC 62 387, ISO 9696, ISO 9697, ISO 18589, ISO 10703, IAEA RSG 1.1, IAEA RSG 1.3