From October 14 to 16, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, was held the 3rd Forum of Inter-agency Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the state of crisis for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, supported by the Fund for the United Nations Population (UNFPA) whose main goal is to introduce the sexual and reproductive health in situations of crisis.

The forum was attended by 18 countries from the region and 76 participants from various institutions of these countries. Macedonia was presented with the highest delegation led by Mr. Jovica Andovski, Deputy Minister of Health, and the Forum was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mihail Kocubovski, Chairman of the Steering Committee of regional interagency working group of UNFPA for sexual and reproductive health in a crisis situation.

Last year, because of the commitment, participation of relevant governmental and non-governmental representatives, Macedonia was chosen to chair the Steering Committee headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Kocubovski from the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia.

Because of the successful work during the last year, Macedonia continues to preside in 2015 and draws experiences from countries in the region that have recently faced crises, with the purpose of preparing a solid system to respond to crises in the field of reproductive health. This activity is consistent with the activities of the Ministry of Health and the Government to improve the sexual and reproductive health, especially for mothers and newborns.

Therefore, the first next step for implementation of the trends on this issue, is an ongoing review of the National Plan for preparedness and response of the health system in a state of crisis, which will incorporate the section on sexual and reproductive health. For this purpose, was established the Commission with the participation of relevant stakeholders, by the Ministry of Health