World week for the rational use of antibiotics – 14 to 20 November

Antimicrobial resistance remains a major public health problem in the world, with no exception in Macedonia.

In order to strengthen awareness of the prudent use of antibiotics in the organization and with the support of the National Coordinator, National Commission on antimicrobial resistance at the Ministry of Health, WHO Office in Skopje, Center for Regional Studies and Cooperation “Studiorum” Microbiological Society of Macedonia Center for family medicine (Faculty of medicine), University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Faculty of medicine at University “Goce Delchev” Stip and the Institute of public health of the Republic of Macedonia, this year, a World week for the rational use of antimicrobial resistance will be celebrated with more activities.

From November 10 to 16 will be held promotional presentations for the population to employees in six working organizations from different sectors (construction, meat industry, metallurgy, telecommunications, milk processing industry and textile industry) in several municipalities in the country: Skopje, Saraj Tetovo Delcevo, Kumanovo and Kavadarci. Educational presentations are supported by promotional materials in Macedonian and Albanian language about the importance of rational use of antibiotics.

On November 18, at 12 p.m. at the Multimedia Centre of Faculty of Economics, University “Gotse Delchev”, Stip will be hold the second meeting of CAESAR, national network for monitoring on antimicrobial resistance. The purpose of the meeting is sharing information and discussing the latest data on the status of antimicrobial resistance in Macedonia, and also, results of the external control of the microbiological laboratories.

The educational part of the meeting will provide guidelines and recommendations for taking blood cultures, and will also focus on the need and manner of monitoring of Clostridium dificile, which will be applied in 2017.

Participants will receive information on the consumption of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance connection with intra-hospital infections. Many microbiologists and doctors from several clinical specialties from all hospitals in Macedonia are invited.

The Second symposium on “The usage of antibiotics in primary care – Challenges for improvement”, organized by the Center for Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, “St. Cyril and Methodius” University will be held on November 18-19. Many experiences from the region and research data on the consumption of antibiotics in primary care will be presented

The symposium provides an open discussion for all stakeholders at the roundtable on “Challenges and opportunities for rational prescribing of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections in primary care, proposing measures to improve the situation at the national level ”

Macedonia joined the global launch of the Antibiotic Guardian, action supported by the World Health Organization, by completing told familiarity and awareness of the need for rational use of antibiotics. The statements have been translated and adapted to the Macedonian language:

– Regional Workshop “Together for health for all by 2020″ – strengthening inter-sectoral cooperation at local level for health and well-being “, held in Berovo, 31.10-02.11. 2016, organized by the Ministry of Health and the WHO;

– Days of Preventive Medicine “Health for All, All for Health” held in Ohrid, 3-5 November 2016, organized by several professional associations in the field of preventive medicine;

– The second meeting of CAESAR network and the Second symposium “The use of antibiotics in primary care.”