In Republic of Macedonia according to the early detection of cancer, has been introduced free screening with Pap test for women of a certain age. Under the terms of reference for the prevention of cervical cancer, this year free PAP can make women from 24 to 35 years.

What is a Pap test?

Papanicolaou or Pap test is simple and painless method of making a swab of uterus for microscopic analysis of cells and the detection of inflammatory processes that cause infections, benign and malignant changes, and other histopathological changes.

Gynecological examination with Pap test not only provides detection of cancer of the uterus at an early stage, but also detect precancerous lesions that can easily be removed.

In countries, particularly at developed, in which the screening program is successfully conducted, there has been a dramatic decline in the incidence and mortality from cancer of the uterus.

Make PAP test, early detection can save your life!

The gynecologists invite women to examination. Women need to show interest, care for their health and to visit the gynecologist.

Visit the gynecologist

Immediately select the gynecologist, if you don’t have one

Make pap test

Defeat the cancer

Be healthy woman