Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia invites you, at a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of results from surveys of school children on the use of psychoactive substances, ESPAD (European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs), 2015 and GYTSRM 2016 (Global Tobacco Use Survey in the Republic of Macedonia), according to the following agenda:

12: 30- 12:45 Results of research on the use of psychoactive substances among youth in the country, ESPAD 2015

Presenter: MA Dr. Silvana Onchev, chief researcher for ESPAD in Macedonia, Institute of Public Health

12: 45- 13:00 Results of research on tobacco use among youth in the Republic of Macedonia, 2016

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Elena Kjosevska, principal investigator for the Global Research tobacco use (GYTSRM), Institute of Public Health

13: 00-13: 30 Discussion and distribution of publications and reports research



The press conference will be held on 21.12.2016, starting at 12.30 am at the Institute for Public Health .

Besides the representatives of mass media were invited representatives of the Ministry of health, the Ministry of Education and Science, Bureau for Development of Education, 10 Centers for Public Health, Psychiatric Hospital Skopje, HOPS and others.


With respect,