To whom it may concern

According to the title of the above article, the general impression is that the food consumed by the population in the Republic of Macedonia is polluted with heavy metals. Therefore, we want to give the following clarification:

  • The data presented are accurately taken from the Institute’s Report for 2017, but the interpretation of the results is wrong. Namely, in seven samples of food products from import, increased content of lead is determined, but these products are subject to inspection supervision and given that they are not health-safe, they are not put into circulation. Hence, it can not be concluded that the population “ram” food with heavy metals.

• As regards the part of the text for dietary products (including dairy foods for infants, food for young children, food for special medical purposes and dietary supplements), we inform you that defective samples due to the increased presence of heavy metals refer only to of one type of nutritional supplement, which due to the need for increased control of its safety was carried out by the inspection services in multiple laboratories.