• Implements  health-educational activity by making global and specific republican health education programs;
  • organizes and implements health promotion campaigns, educational workshops, debates, discussions and other events;
  • monitors  implementation and evaluation of results;
  • plans and coordinates actions to promote health;
  • cooperates with the WHO in order to realize the activities related to the promotion of health;
  • provides methodological assistance if is required;
  • participates in training and education of health professionals of all profiles in the field of health education;
  • directly cooperates with medias, humanitarian organizations, associations in the country and abroad;
  • implements publicity by making publications or health-educational resources (brochures, posters, flyers, etc..);
  • conducts scientific-research projects in the field of health.


Head: Prof. D-r. Elena Kjosevska – specialist in social medicine

Tel.02 / 3125-044 ext 230

e-mail: kosevska@yahoo.com