• participates in development and implementation of special programs about control of non-communicable diseases
  • establishes priorities and improves the situation of non-communicable diseases
  • provides quality, valid and updated information on the status of non-communicable diseases
  • proposes measures to solve the health needs of the population that suffers from chronic non-communicable diseases
  • performs scientific research in order to assess the risk of non-communicable diseases at local, regional and national level;
  • prepares educational and promotional materials for prevention of non-communicable diseases in all areas, for public and mass media;
  • implements publication activity – information, rapports, analyzes and printing of health and educational materials (brochures, posters, flyers, etc..);
  • participate in training and education of health professionals of all profiles
  • collaborates with national and international institutions through joint projects and other activities (participation in working groups, committees, etc.).


* Head of the Department for monitoring of non-communicable diseases

Prim. Dr. Stefanka Pereva –  specialist in social medicine

Tel. 02/3125044 ext 111