Department for Chemical and Radiological Testing


Information about the activity performed in Department for Chemical and Radiological Testing

It represents an organizational-technical unit that encompasses part of the laboratories in the IPH. The laboratory segment of the activities and tasks of the IPH prescribed by the Law on Public Health of the RNM is fully implemented. The organization, work tasks, authorizations and responsibilities of the employees are regulated by the Statute and the Rules for the internal organization and systematization of the workplaces of the IPH.

The laboratory tests are performed in accordance with the applicable national and international standards and regulations, with constant care for the needs and requirements of the users and a continuous increase in the level of reliability of the results.

The quality in the performance of laboratory analyzes is ensured through the preparation and observance of harmonized professional standards and guidelines, continuous professional development of employees in the field of public health, implementation and maintenance of a laboratory system for management and accreditation of laboratories.


Contact information:

Contact person: Prof. Zorica Arsova Sarafinovska, PhD, specialist.

Contact phone: +389 70 337 572 / 02 312 50 44 ext.07