Division for legal-normative activity and international cooperation

Division for legal-normative activity and international cooperation, within the Department for administrative affairs and logistics

Information about the activity performed in Division for legal-normative activity and international cooperation

  1. Prepares, legalizes and elaborates the drafts of all internal general acts of the Institute,
  2. Elaborates and legally formalizes all decisions, solutions and conclusions of the management bodies of the Institute,
  3. Monitors and implements legal regulations of general importance and provides legal opinions regarding the correct application of legal and other regulations,
  4. Performs all administrative and legal work in the Institute,
  5. Performs technical preparations for the sessions of the management bodies, i.e. performs all administrative work for these bodies,
  6. takes care of the intended use of the working premises,
  7. Manages the archive of the Office according to the regulations of office operations, takes care of receiving, opening, filing, sorting and sending of mail,
  8. registers and keeps the acts, i.e. it takes care of the administrative archive of the Office,
  9. Directs, unites and coordinates the work related to preparing a platform for international cooperation,
  10. Takes measures and activities to ensure material conditions for realizing international cooperation,
  11. Coordinates the preparation of draft agreements for cooperation with international institutions and other entities,
  12. Prepares documents for the promotion of the Institute's cooperation with institutions from the member states of the European Union and with other countries,
  13. coordinates the participation of the Institute in organizing international meetings related to public health activities and implements the program for international exchange of experiences in the field of public health,
  14. Performs the work and tasks in the Institute based on specific instructions, guidelines and under the control of the head of the department, which refer to the preparatory work and tasks related to project coordination,
  15. helps in the preparation and monitoring of programs and projects for international cooperation,
  16. helps in the preparation, development and monitoring of the projects and programs of the Institute and helps in the preparation of analyses, opinions on general acts and materials in this area.


Contact information

Contact person: Valentina Kochubovska, LLB (Bachelor of Law), Head of the Division

Contact phone: 02 312 50 44 ext. 39