The Law on Free Access to Public Information provides access to public information created or available by the Institute of Public Health. The applicant may request access to the information in oral, written or electronic form, whereby the request submitted in electronic form is considered as written request. The written Request can be submitted to the Institute immediately in the Archive; by mail to the address of the Institute (50 Division St. no. 6 1000 Skopje), as well as to be submitted in electronic form (via e-mail:

The request for access to free information can be submitted on the established Request Form (given below) or on a plain sheet of paper, but the requester is obliged to state that it is a Request based on the Law on Free Access to Information. The applicant is not obliged to justify the request. In case the request is submitted by an authorized legal representative, a proper power of attorney should be attached to the request. When the requester requests access to information with an oral request, the official makes a record of it. The applicant can be informed about all matters of interest related to exercising the right to free access to information, from the official: Natasa Dimitrievska Krivosheev, contact phone: +389(0)2 3125 044 / extension 216 and e - email: 


Natasha Dimitrievska Krivosheev

Head of the Department for Human Resources, Logistics and Public Relations at the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia

  071 223 245
  02 3125 044 / extension 216

Reports to the agency on the right to free access to public information