Division for Public Procurement

Division for Public Procurement, within the Department for administrative affairs and logistics

Information about the activity performed in Division for Public Procurement

The Department for Public Procurement includes tasks and responsibilities related to the monitoring and realization of the plan for public procurement, preparation of decisions on public procurement, publication of decisions on public procurement in the electronic system for public procurement, Official Gazette of RNM and in the international official gazette of The EU, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, participates in the preparation of tender documents for public procurement, carries out procurement of low value, drafting of contracts for public procurement commissions, advises during the implementation of the procedure for awarding a contract for public procurement, coordination and expert assistance to public procurement commissions, as well as legal consultations with the Bureau of Public Procurement, the State Commission for Public Procurement Complaints and other authorities and institutions, with the aim of applying the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, conducting an appeal procedure before the State Complaints Commission after public procurement.


Measures and activities under the competence of the Division for Public Procurement

The Department for Public Procurement

  1. within the legally established deadline, prepares a draft annual plan for public procurement by types of goods, services and works;
  2. performs tasks related to monitoring and implementation of the public procurement plan;
  3. conducting a market analysis for the specific procedure for public procurement in accordance with the legal provisions;
  4. prepares draft decisions on the need for public procurement;
  5. prepares public procurement announcements and publishes them in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and the public procurement plan

  6. in coordination with competent departments, participates in the preparation of documentation for public procurement;
  7. prepares a proposal for a decision on the selection of the most favorable bidder or a decision on the annulment of the public procurement procedure;
  8. prepares the notification for the selection of the most favorable bidder and delivers it to all participants in the public call;
  9. updates the data submitted to the ESPP in accordance with this law;
  10. publishes a negative reference in ESPP in accordance with the conditions of this law;
  11. gives directions and instructions to the contracting authority regarding handling the appeal procedure in cooperation with the public procurement commission;
  12. prepares responses to complaints submitted by economic operators;
  13. prepares appeals based on the decision of the Public Procurement Bureau during administrative control;
  14. prepares tasks for monitoring public procurement contracts;
  15. keeps the register of public procurement procedures and submits the data to the Public Procurement Bureau;
  16. records public procurements by types and procedures and creates a separate file for each public procurement and other matters related to public procurement procedures.
  17. performs tasks related to the implementation of the public procurement procedure,
  18. mandatorily participates as a member of the public procurement commission in the procedures for awarding a public procurement contract with an estimated value of over 130,000 euros in Denar countervalue for goods and services and over 5,000,000 euros for works;
  19. provides professional and technical assistance to the Commission for Public Procurement for the implementation of public opening of bids,
  20. performs checks on negative references of economic operators,
  21. prepares reports, minutes and other acts during the evaluation of procedures and for the needs of public procurement commissions
  22. performs work related to the Electronic System for Public Procurement (EPPS) such as registering internal users (members of public procurement commissions, public procurement units, control/audit, etc.)
  23. advising and supporting the public procurement commission for the entire process of evaluation of offers in relation to the application of the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement,
  24. scheduling and monitoring of an electronic auction,
  25. and other matters related to public procurement procedures.

 The Department for Public Procurement, within its competences, also acts as an Economic Operator that offers goods, services or works on the market and participates in the procedures for awarding contracts for public procurement published on ESPP. As an economic operator, it takes the following actions through ESPP:

  1. registers in ESPP,
  2. by personal choice, receives information about published announcements for awarding contracts for public procurement from the procurement category chosen by registration in accordance with the Tariff for the amount of fees for the use of ESPP ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" No. 44/2012) and system for collection;
  3. undertakes tender documentation;
  4. asks questions;
  5. submits offers for procedures that are carried out using electronic means;
  6. provides clarifications and answers questions raised during the bid evaluation phase;
  7. participates in electronic auctions;
  8. submits a final price;
  9. has access to information or receives notifications regarding decisions made on the selection or cancellation of specific procedures for awarding public procurement contracts. 

Contact information

Contact person: Aleksandra Stefanovska - independent officer for public procurement

Contact phone: 02/3125-044  02/3125-044  ext.54/ fax 02/3223-354


Contact person: Avni Murtezani - independent officer for public procurement

02/3125-044  ext.50