Division for Food Safety

Division for Food Safety, within the Department for Health Ecology

Information about the activity performed in Division for Food Safety

The division for food safety evaluates the safety of food products before they are put on the market or for control of the production process. The evaluation is performed on the basis of the analyzes performed in the accredited laboratories of the Institute, in accordance with the Law on Food Safety (Official Gazette of the RM No. 157/2010, as well as its amendments) and by-laws arising from the Law.

Based on the data from the tests of food products at the Institute of Public Health and other authorized institutions, an Annual Report is prepared with an assessment of the food safety situation.


Measures and activities under the competence of the Division for Food Safety

The following activities are carried out:

  1. Health risk assessment of microbiological, chemical or physical contaminants in food;
  2. Assessment of chemical contamination of food from domestic agricultural production, procured from markets, in terms of pesticide residues, heavy metals and nitrates.
  3. Estimation of the average daily dietary intake of mycotoxins and heavy metals in population.
  4. Determining the nutritional value of food products based on laboratory analyzes and using nutritional composition tables.
  5. Trainings on basic knowledge of food safety and environmental protection intended for food operators, in accordance with the Rulebook on the method of checking knowledge and issuing certificates for acquired basic knowledge of food hygiene and environmental protection (Official Gazette of RM no.118/2015). For this purpose, a Manual on basic knowledge of food safety and environmental protection has been prepared and printed, which every student of the course receives. 

Contact information

Contact person: Prof. Gordana Ristovska, MD, Phd, specialist in hygiene - Head of the Division for Health and Food Safety

Contact phone: +389 70 265 774 / 02 3125 044 ext.22

Email:  ristovskagordana@gmail.com ; g.ristovska@iph.mk

Working hours: Every working day: from 07:30 to 15:30

Aneta Kostova, M.Sc., Ph.D., spec. in hygiene and health ecology

Contact phone:  02 3125 044 ext.119

Email:  kostovaaneta@ymail.com

Working hours: Every working day: from 07:30 to 15:30