Dosimetry and Testing Unit, within the Division for Radiation Protection

Information about the activity performed in Dosimetry and Testing Unit

Individual monitoring:

  1. Assessment of the degree of exposure of persons at workplaces where sources of ionizing radiation are used and
  2. assessment of the degree of exposure of individuals from a population or population group by determining personal dose equivalent for body Hp(10) and limbs Hp(0.07);

Dosimetry monitoring in the environment on site with determination of the ambient dose equivalent H*(10);

Detection (Detection and retrieval), dosimetry and gamma spectrometric analysis of sources and other radioactive materials of unknown origin in various types of raw materials, scrap metal and other types of materials, from import or export

Quality control of x-ray devices in diagnostics:

  1. general radiography,
  2. fluoroscopy,
  3. mammography,
  4. Computed tomography,
  5. Dental Radiology,
  6. Angiographers in interventional radiology and cardiology.


Contact information

Contact phone: +389 2 312 50 44, ext.11