Division for commercial affairs and collection of receivables

Division for commercial affairs and collection of receivables, within the Department for administrative affairs and logistics

Information about the activity performed in Division for commercial affairs and collection of receivables

The department for commercial affairs and debt collection, which deals with the following activities, belongs to the department for administrative affairs:

  1. Performs litigation of unpaid claims of the Institute and other disputes
  2. Analysis and preparation of a Plan for the type and volume of services that provide own funds for the functioning of the Institute
  3. Control of daily payments from the claims of the Institute
  4. Control and correctness of the invoices sent to the parties for collection
  5. Monitoring the execution of the collection of receivables
  6. Sending reminders before the complaint period
  7. Recording of claims and their collection
  8. Monitoring of realization of income from collection of receivables
  9. Compilation, liquidation and sending of invoices
  10. Preparation of financial reports at the request of the manager and the Board of Directors
  11. Accounting recording of receivables (invoicing and collection)
  12. Monitoring and application of legal regulations in the field of commercial operations and collection of claims


Contact information

Contact person: Biljana Kardashevska, Bachelor of economics, Head of the Division

Contact phone: 02 3125 044 ext. 40

Email b.kardashevska@gmail.com