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The Institute for Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia as an institution with many years of experience in the healthcare industry, is permanently determined to maintain high standards and quality in all its activities and to continuously improve its reputation. We accomplish this commitment by applying the defined Quality Policy, which obligates us to properly organize the work, assigning authorizations and responsibilities that will provide good professional practice and will enable maintenance of high standards of quality of services in all areas of work. All activities in the Institute are carried out in an impartial, independent, objective and reliable manner.

Recognizing the importance of applying the quality standards in its operations, The Institute started with activities for their implementation long time ago. The laboratories of The Institute, which are part of the Center for Reference Laboratories, were among the first in Macedonia that were accredited according to the requirements of the ISO 17025: 2006 standard. The first certificate for accreditation of the laboratories for testing and calibration according to ISO 17025: 2006, was received on December 25, 2006, awarded by the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia. Since then, The Institute regularly promotes its work and follows the new requirements for quality assurance in the work that is confirmed by the regular annual inspections of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of North Macedonia. The expertise and competence of the laboratories is confirmed by the regular successful participation in qualification testing schemes and interlaboratory comparisons in the country and abroad.

The main goal of the established quality system is to meet the requirements of the regulations and other normative documents as well as the demands of the users of services that is reflected by issuing accurate and quality results from the examinations, as well as respecting the deadlines and timely performance of the activities. All employees of the Institute are familiar with the Quality Policy and are involved in the documented management system, use procedures and work instructions that consistently implement them in their work. For the proper functioning of the certified quality system, an appointed management representative is responsible – Quality Manager. In this way, the leadership of the Institute emphasizes its commitment and commitment to development, and each employee, according to his own powers and responsibilities, contributes to improving the effectiveness of the institution’s work.

The Public Health Institute strives to follow the world’s achievements in the field of analytics and at any moment be ready to respond to the requirements and needs of service users and inspection bodies. Testing laboratories belonging to the Center for Reference Laboratories and the Sector for Control and Testing of Drugs in IPH are accredited for food testing (quality and safety – microbiology, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, radiology), drinking water, mineral water and surface water (quality and safety, gamma radionuclide content, alpha and beta activity), soil and atmospheric sludge, building materials, medicines and objects for general use (toys, plastic items and ceramics) and materials coming in food contact. The calibration laboratory is accredited for the calibration of instruments for detection of ionizing radiation.

The accreditation scope includes about 100 test methods and 4 calibration methods, and the list of accredited lab methods can be found on the following links:



The last re-accreditation of the testing laboratories was carried out in December 2022 with a period of validity of the certificate until 24.12.2026 (LT-005) and the calibration laboratory in January 2018, with a period of validity of the certificate until 22.04.2026 ( LK-008).



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Contact person regarding accreditation

PhD. Eng. Maja Dimitrovska, spec.san.chem

Quality Manager

Contact phone:+389 (0)75 356 892