Department for Health Statistics and Publishing


Measures and activities under the competence of the Department for Health Statistics and Publishing

  1. conducts health-statistical activity through collecting, control, and computer processing of health-statistical data
  2. applying data software analyses, the Department manages and publishes the national registers “Cancer Registry in the Republic of North Macedonia”, and “Diabetes Registry in the Republic of North Macedonia”, prepares publications for patients treated in primary health care, “Outpatient Polyclinic Morbidity in North Macedonia” and for the inpatient treated persons in the hospital departments “Hospital Morbidity and Mortality in the Republic of North Macedonia”;
  3. prepares precise records of healthcare personnel using a well-established computer database;
  4. cooperates with state and international institutions and organizations (such as WHO, EUROSTAD, EU, etc.) so as to monitor and apply the innovations in its activity;
  5. monitors the statistical processing of reports on the work of health organizations;
  6. participates in the preparation of programs for statistical research in the field of healthcare;
  7. participates in preparation of professional and methodological guidelines for conducting statistical investigations in the field of health;
  8. prepares national health indicators;
  9. participates in preparation of forms for medical documentation, records and reports;
  10. performs expert supervision in the field of health statistics in health organizations;
  11. coordinates the professional work in the field of health statistics in the health care institutes and regional services of the institutes;
  12. participates in creation of projects for the health information system in the Republic;
  13. participates in creation of operational plans for the introduction of application programs;
  14. performs analysis and evaluation of statistical data; 20
  15. participates in educational activity and conducts activities related to professional development of health workers and associates of various profiles during internship and specialist training as well as other types of professional development in the field of health statistics;
  16. carries out educational activities regarding professional development of medical personnel from different profiles in the field of health statistics, health informatics and electronic data processing by organizing courses and seminars, as well as field/site insights in health organizations with expert-methodological assistance and instruction. 

Contact information:

Contact personPrim. Vjosa Recica, MD - specialist in social medicine with organization of health activity, Head of Department

Contact phone: +389 76 370 122 / 02 2622-237 ext. 111 / fax: 02 3223-354

02/3125 044 ext. 29

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Working hours: Every working day, from 07:30 to 15:30