About the Institute

The representativity of the public health care segment in the state nowadays, through the activities of the Institute for Public Health and the 10 regional Institutes, is significant with the sensible and realized quantum of expert opinions, supervisions and control, analytical observation and risk estimation, in the creation of the particularities from the field as an individual picture, to their collective analyzing as a general picture.

The past period represented the pinnacle of (the) serious activities in the creation of the contemporary system of preventive medical protection as a basic instrument of managing by defining priority problems and implying suitable solutions on national, regional and local level.

A categorical imperative in the implementation of the national strategy in the preventive – medical activity is improving the health of the inhabitants of Republic of North Macedonia, through sanitation of the components of health and animation of all that directly or indirectly influence the current situation.

In order to meet all these goals, this generation has been challenged to implement world reference standards and to continually follow and organize trainings on the contemporary analytic diagnostic procedures, which should come as a result from maximum effort, enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism of all involved in our institution and all the professionals from public health care activity.


To promote health and general welfare of the population through scientifically based knowledge, best practices, information and organizational partnerships and sustainable impact on public health policies.


Healthy people in a healthy and safe environment, sustainable health system and security of global and local public health threats.


Quality -We qualitative upgrade quality by providing the appropriate level of excellence in the provision of services based on a high level of knowledge, expertise of our scientific and professional staff and applying internationally accredited methods and laboratories.

Tradition-We are proud of our long tradition as it is rooted in the realization of our activities as a moral obligation of employees in order to justify the confidence gained from customers and partners.

Efficiency -The efficiency in the implementation of our business we are guided by is the justification of investments and funds spent through the use of evidence, scientific evidence and best practice to achieve optimal results.

Partnership – Our work is based on building partnerships and cooperation with our long-term partners at home and abroad.

Responsibility – Based on the principle of fairness and human dignity, we feel responsible for the whole population in the country, for their health and welfare.



Public health is a system of knowledge and skills for preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society.

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia as a national health institution is the first line of the realization of such a goal, which implemented by providing an appropriate level of excellence in the provision of its services based on the highest level of knowledge that is accessible and applicable in North Macedonia:

  1. Responsibility for health and leading state role in preserving and promoting health;
  2. Comprehensiveness of measures and activities focusing on the population as a whole and of individual social groups and socioeconomic determinants of health and the most important risk factors;
  3. Cross-sectoral cooperation, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to health promotion – which is achieved by constantly improving cooperation with health institutions involved in public health with other participants in public health;
  4. Scientific basis and Collection of data through quantitative and qualitative methods – which means activity of public health based on scientifically proven and tested methods and procedures used in order to promote and maintain the population’s health;
  5. Partnership with the population and strengthen civil initiatives in the field of public health, raising awareness about the importance of caring for own health;
  6. Efficiency and effectiveness of public health – which are carried by achieving the best possible results in terms of available financial resources, and achieve the highest possible level of health with the lowest consumption resources;